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Eric @ News Radio 850 WFTLNearly every Floridian today lives in either a condominium or HOA community. Ideally, the concept of many families all living together in one beautiful building or in one sprawling community, sharing expenses, sounds great. Then, everyone is told that there are laws, codes, bylaws and rules that everyone must live by and suddenly they're all miserable.

The Board members who are put in charge by their neighbors of enforcing all of these provisions are often vilified for simply performing the job they were elected to perform. Many of these unpaid volunteers feel that you never hear anything positive about people who choose to serve for free on their condominium or homeowner’s association’s Board of Directors. They object to the term “Condo Commandos.” and can't figure out why you always hear a million stories about Boards gone bad, but never one about a Board who has worked hard to save their association from financial ruin or even closure. They say that the owners don't know what it's like trying to keep the association financially afloat despite a massive foreclosure crisis or what it's like to be woken up in the middle of the night when a pipe bursts somewhere in the community. Their battle cry is: instead of sitting by the pool complaining about your Board, how about stepping up to the plate and giving us a hand!

On the other hand, the residents argue that there's no doubt that some Board members take the reigns of the association for their own personal benefit and view it as the opportunity of a lifetime to line their own pockets. After all, recent arrests of some Board members prove them correct. No doubt some Board members have awarded lucrative association contracts to themselves or family members, or have simply been brazen enough to funnel the association's money to their own bank accounts. Some have simply let the power of the Presidency go to their heads.


Association MediationPresents a forum for Board members and owners to tell their side of the story. The show randomly has guest speakers who are experts on the daily problems associations encounter. All issues that our associations encounter each day are proper topics for discussion. Expect to hear from politicians, Board members, owners, tenants, community association managers, developers, community association accountants, construction industry personnel and other government officials. Listeners call in and ask questions of attorney Eric Glazer and his legal team as well as any guest present. Eric has been practicing association law since 1992, and his firm Glazer and Associates has represented associations and unit owners throughout the state. There is lots of great discussion and we have certainly had some screaming and yelling, not unlike your typical Board meeting. However, at the end of each show, our listeners come away with a greater understanding of the law and hopefully an appreciation of the various sides of this ongoing debate.

The show is streamed live on the web at www.850wftl.com and on your mobile device.

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