It’s our nation’s birthday today.  Unfortunately, it seems as if the political climate of our country makes it seem that we are as divided today as we were since the 1960s, and it’s not one big happy birthday party.

The tragedy in our own state has left scars that won’t heal any time soon.  I haven’t met one person who is truly satisfied with either candidate for President.  There is no compromise on any issues, there’s lot of rhetoric from our elected officials but no cures for what ails us.  There is a lack of common sense in solving even simple problems and political correctness has gotten so out of hand that it threatens our very lives and safety.

So today, I’m not in the mood to add fuel to the fire by talking about who needs to be sued for walking their dog on the wrong side of the street or whether someone should be fined for using the laundry room past 8:00 on a week night.

I certainly don’t want to talk about any association who thinks someone in their community put up an American flag that’s too big and which needs to come down immediately. I question my own ability to be impartial on that issue right now.

No fighting today.

For one day, I’m wishing you friendly community barbecues, picnics, softball games and fun at the community pool.  For one day, don’t be a Board member or a unit owner, just be neighbors.  Everyone just be Americans, all on the same team.  For one day.

I wish all of you and your families a happy and healthy July 4th.

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