I know that the intent of Memorial Day is to honor those who have previously fought and died for this country. I certainly proudly honor all of these brave men and women.

This Memorial Day however, I feel that the 98 victims at Surfside need to be remembered as well. You can’t tell me that they didn’t die fighting. They did and they deserve to be remembered today.

I always said and made promises to the families that their loved ones did not die in vain and I promised that this would be the year that condo reform would certainly be passed so that a similar tragedy could never happen again. I was absolutely shocked when The Florida Legislature did not pass a single piece of legislation regarding condominium safety and instead stopped negotiating with 2 full days left in the session.

I urged Governor DeSantis to do something about the lack of action by The Florida Legislature and that if another building falls under his watch, he can kiss any other political aspirations he may have good-bye. I relentlessly wrote about how the victims were being disgraced and their graves spit on because not a single piece of legislation was passed regarding condominium safety. Even though I’m a Republican, I appeared on CBS News and tore into the Governor and the Republican controlled Legislature time and again. It’s been the topic on the Condo Craze and HOAs radio show ever since The Florida Legislature threw in the towel,

Well…….wouldn’t you know it. Governor DeSantis called The Florida Legislature back for a special session to discuss insurance, not condominium issues. Yet somehow, it turned into a session to discuss condominium law reform and the entire Florida Legislature passed massive condominium safety measures last week.

So for me, this is a special Memorial Day. I’d again like to honor those 98 innocent souls that died that horrific evening. And now I can finally say to their families that I kept my promise to keep fighting for new laws so that their family members did not die in vain, and in the end, The Florida Legislature came through big time, and passed laws that will honor these victims forever.

Well done Senators and House Representatives, well done.

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