I owe a great big THANK YOU to some of you complainers who wrote in last week on our blog about construction defects in our community associations.  The topic is crucial for so many community associations throughout the state who have recently undergone or are about to undergo turnover from developer control.  However, because last week’s blog did not bash members who serve on a board of directors and because the writer informed the readers that my law firm can assist those who may be dealing with these critical confusing construction issues, a few people complained that the blog “was not directed to owners issues or concerns” and that it was a “shameful advertisement.”  To say that last week’s blog was not directed to owner’s issues is basically saying that owners don’t care about whether or not developers honor their warranties, don’t care about the condition of the property and don’t care about whether or not their association has rights against anyone who negligently builds or repairs portions of their community.  It’s a ridiculous statement.

I would like to think that there aren’t too many law firms who provide as much free education to the public as we do.  Free seminars around the state.  A weekly column that teaches the law.  A weekly radio show that teaches the law.  Dissemination of association law newsletters.  So, when a reader takes offense to a column that a member of our firm wrote, claiming that it was self-serving, my initial reaction was to be offended.  But then I remembered………… thank god my column is read by thousands of people throughout the state.  Both board members and non-board members read it.  So do community association managers and others who serve our community associations in a multitude of different ways.

It’s really not surprising that out of thousands who read the column there will be a few complainers.  Isn’t that exactly how it works in our community associations too?  The people who complained about the column are like so many others who live in their community, do nothing to help, and just complain about anything and everything their board does or doesn’t do.  There’s never a creative solution they come up with.  They’re always quick to jab an insult at the volunteers, call them a name, accuse them of wrongdoing, accuse them of incompetence and always try to simply be a thorn in the side of those that are at least trying to help their community.  Everyone else is always wrong.  They’re always the one that says “If I were on the board I would do it this way.”  But, they never have the courage to actually get on the board.  It’s easier to hide in the shadows or on the sidelines, or even in an anonymous blog.

So again, thanks for giving me something to write about this week.  Chronic complainers.  Are there any in your community?  Aren’t they awful?

And by the way…….Glazer and Sachs, P.A. practices community association law.

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