In three days from now we are supposed to sit around the table stuffing turkey down our throats while reflecting on all the things we should be thankful for.  The easy ones are family and good health.  Some might also be thankful for a new job, new car, new President or good grades by your kids.  How many of you however would be thankful for the community and home you live in?

Week after week, throughout the year, many write in complaining that there isn’t much to be thankful for in their community.  While they may be sincere in their belief that living in hell would be a step up, I also believe that if given enough time to think about it and come up with an answer, that same person can come up with at least one thing to be thankful for about the community they live in.

So, in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, I am politely asking you to dig down, way down.  Keep going.  A little more…….and find something to be thankful for in your community.  Perhaps you’re only thankful that someone other than yourself is crazy enough to serve on your Board.  Maybe you’re thankful for a wonderful neighbor you have.  Perhaps you’re thankful about the wonderful amenities your association has to offer, like the clubhouse and the swimming pool.  Maybe, just maybe you’re thankful for the good work your Board is doing.

Today, it’s like we’re in a therapy session and I’m the therapist asking you to say something nice about your spouse,   to whom you haven’t actually said something nice in years..  You must come up with something nice to say.  It’s easy to participate when the topic allows you to attack.  Today, I’m asking you to work harder and say a few nice words about your community, your neighbors or dare I say it…….your Board.

To all of you and your families, I wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.  Now….Be nice.

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