Association crime is on the rise?

We certainly blogged in the past about Board members and managers getting arrested for stealing association funds.  I’m on record as previously saying that I didn’t think this area was more prone to arrests than say lawyers, doctors or politicians.  I may have been wrong.

I don’t know what’s going on, but just in the past few weeks, Board members and managers were arrested in Dade County for stealing items out of a unit, a Board member in Broward was arrested for getting paid by the association as a community association manager despite the fact he doesn’t have a license, and another HOA Board member in Polk County confessed to taking association monies to pay his mortgage.

What in the world is going on?

Why now?  Is it because these cases seem to finally be getting the press they deserve?  Has the problem always existed as bad as it is now?

Was I wrong and the problem of disappearing money is more prevalent in community associations than anywhere else?  Does the DBPR or FDLE need a Division devoted to investigation of community association crimes?  What’s the best way to put a stop to all of this?

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