Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.  On Friday, we watched a billionaire get sworn into office as The President of The United States of America.  Here’s a guy who certainly didn’t need the aggravation of the job at this point in his life.  His money will out-live him and many future generations, so he certainly didn’t take the job for the money either.  The stress ages every President, all you have to do is look at their before and after pictures.  So, why do it?  Why put yourself in that potentially no-win position, especially with the country so divided and there being so many problems to solve?  Worse yet, even if you try to solve the problems your way, about half the population is going to second guess your methodology.  Why put yourself in harm’s way?

I ask, because for twenty five years I hear the very same questions asked of owners in community associations every year regarding whether or not they want to run for the Board.  Many people come right out and say “But what’s in it for me?” Many people respond with profanity too.  Many simply look at you as if you’re a Martian or absolutely out of your mind for even asking the question.

Yet, year after year after year, there are always people that step up to the plate, all across the state and volunteer to take the reins in their community.  Like Trump, they can’t be doing it for the money.  Compensation isn’t allowed.  There’s really not much fame associated with being a board member, even the President.  But there are a few things you can be sure of.  You will be second guessed, told you’re not doing a good job, told someone else can do a better job, your ideas are dumb, and you’re probably stealing everyone’s money. These are a given.

Despite going in with all this knowledge, there are often times more people running for board positions than there are available spots.  There are elections all the time.  People actually WANT the job and all the aggravation that comes with it.  Why?  Is it a genuine desire to help your community?  Is it ego?  Is it fear that if I don’t do it, my dumb neighbor will?

Let’s hear it Board members!  Why do you want to face the firing squad?

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