I have heard lots of excuses over the years about so many different things. Here’s a few that simply don’t work:

My assessments should be less — I don’t use the elevator

I have heard this from lots of people who live on the first floor. It doesn’t work. Regardless of whether you use the common elements, you have to pay for the cost of maintaining that common element. Bad shoulder and can’t use the pool – sorry you have to pay for its upkeep. Bad knee and can’t play on the tennis or pickleball court? Sorry you have to pay to maintain it.

He Doesn’t Live Here and Therefore Can’t Be On the Board

I’m probably asked this question ten times a year – does the owner have to live in the condominium in order to serve on the Board? The answer is clearly NO. It is irrelevant where an owner lives. If the owner meets the qualifications to serve on the board, they can serve.

I Don’t Want To Fund Reserves – I won’t Be Here in 20 Years

The worst mistake a condominium unit owner can make. The problem with your thinking is that the person living in your unit 20 years ago thought the same way. Unfortunately, now you live in the unit and major repairs need to be made. Perhaps you would have been better off putting away $50.00 per month instead of having to come up with $10,000.00 now.

They Can’t Buy In This 55 and Over Community – They’re Not 55

This happens all the time. A Board of Directors rejects a potential buyer because the buyer in the 55 and over community is only 35. This is completely wrong. It makes no difference how old the buyer is in a 55 and over community. The question is: Will at least one person who is 55 or older be living in the unit. Perhaps the children are buying the unit for their parents, or for estate planning purposes the parents want the unit titled in their children’s name.

Tell me some other mistakes or excuses that you hear all the time.

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