Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.  It’s certainly an acknowledgement of how hard the American worker works throughout the year and provides a well deserved reward of a day off.  You would certainly think that if paid workers are honored on this day, non paid workers should be honored as well.  So today………….let’s honor the thousands of Board members out there who serve day in and day out without compensation of any kind.

Think about it.  Board members get no pay for attending Board meetings.  They get no pay for taking phone calls from complaining residents.  No pay for taking complaints while walking around the community.  No pay for meeting with the association’s accountants, lawyers and management.  No pay for the time put in interviewing contractors or other personnel in an effort to repair everyone’s property and save their neighbors some money.  They work for the common good rather than for a paycheck and it is certainly a trait worth honoring today.  There’s no question that on this day, a day designed to honor hard work, your Board members are certainly deserving of a day off to relax at the condo or H.O.A. as summer comes to a close.

So to all you Board members out there, today is your day to use the common area swimming pool (between the hours of 8 am and 6 p.m.  No food by the pool either)  Feel free to work out in the gym (remember to wipe down the equipment and close the door behind you so the deadbeats who had their rights suspended don’t sneak in).  As we know, it’s a day made for bar b ques,  so fire up the common grill (just remember to clean the grill after you’re done).  Make sure to invite your friends and family (just make sure they park “head in” at guest parking or they will be towed).  (No more than 3 guests at the pool by the way).  And when your day off starts winding down and coming to a close, take a seat on your balcony, pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on the stereo and just relax.  (Just make sure to keep the music low or security will be banging on the door).  Then walk over to your bed (take off your shoes so you don’t bang on the tile and disturb your downstairs neighbor) and try to get a good night’s sleep.

Before falling asleep though, take solace in the fact that you complied with each and every rule the association has in place, you have had all the fun you can tolerate and look forward to the fact that …………………… you go back to being a Board member in the morning.

How about it readers?  If there’s one day a year to thank your Board members for the work they do all year long, today is the day.  Let’s hear some kind comments…

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