Today the nation celebrates the birthday of our first and greatest President, George Washington. He certainly had problems to deal with. Assembling an army, fighting the British, battling extreme weather and lack of supplies. In the end, he defeated what was at the time, the most powerful nation on earth. And he did it by basically training a nation of farmers to fight back. An extraordinary feat. This was done even before he became President. In other words, he became President only after performing these amazing feats and proving himself worthy of the Presidential title.

OK, I know that no condo or HOA President had to fight wars and certainly didn’t have to deal with the cold weather here in Florida. I also know however that there are condo and HOA Presidents out there who were faced with other monumental tasks such as fighting the developer, making massive concrete repairs, fixing overwhelming roof repairs, defending meritless lawsuits, running impossible board meetings, terminating a terrible staff, negotiating complicated contracts and a lot more.

Let’s be nice today. How about we say a few kind words about those people who devote an endless amount of hours to our communities without receiving a dime? Let’s hear some nice words about the President of your community and perhaps about a particularly difficult job he or she handled with their Board of Directors.

Today, put the complaints and negativity on hold. Go in a different direction.

So here’s to those Presidents of our communities who get the job done through snow, rain, heat and gloom of night and help protect the sanctity of the homes we live in.

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