So, The Florida Legislature wrapped up its 2019 session last week.  In a word, when it came to community association law, the session was simply unproductive.  Not a single community association law bill passed.

There was one change that effects high-rise condominiums however.  There was an attempt made to allow such condominiums to opt-out of installing an engineered life safety system, if ordered to do so by The Fire Marshall.  That bill failed.  So, it remains that even if you opted out of the fire sprinkler requirement, you cannot opt out of the engineered life safety system.

However, The Florida Legislature did extend the deadline to comply with the law.  Assuming the Governor signs the bill, the local authority having jurisdiction may not require completion of retrofitting with a fire sprinkler system or an engineered life safety system before January 1, 2024. So, high-rise condominiums get an additional four years to comply.

So, what do you think?  Should the Governor sign the bill and give high-rise condominiums an additional four years to install sprinklers or an ELSS?  Did we just put money ahead of safety?

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