Last week was the holiest day of the year for me.  It was Yom Kippur.  It’s the day we atone for our sins.  It’s a day that we say I’m sorry I have offended you.  I’m sorry I upset you.  Please forgive me.  It is incumbent upon the person being asked for forgiveness to forgive.  If asked, you must forgive and forget.

Let us pretend for a moment that such a day existed in your community association.  Can you imagine all of the people who berated each other all year long asking for forgiveness from each other?  It really would be an amazing sight.

Let’s think of some of the things we may hear….

“Mr. President, I’m sorry I said you’re driving a new Cadillac because you took a kick back on that landscaping contract.”

“Mrs. Smith, I’m sorry I called you fat when you criticized the new landscaping the Board put in.”

“Mr. Manager, I’m sorry I called you an idiot because you didn’t have my records request ready, even though I only gave you 5 minutes advanced notice.”

Joe from Brooklyn may say “I’m sorry I purposely keyed your car Mr. Board member, but I was upset you wouldn’t let me keep my satellite dish so I can watch the Yankee games.”

“I’m sorry I said my dog was a service animal.  Of course a six pound Chihuahua can’t lift me out of my wheelchair.  But he is cute though.”

“I’m sorry I backed into your car in the parking lot and went upstairs because I thought nobody was looking.  I never wanted those video cameras installed anyway.”

It would definitely be a holy day in your community.  Miracles abound.  Smiling, happy, apologetic faces, seeking friendship, forgiveness and showing repentance and kindness.

Then the Special Assessment meeting would begin…………..

Let’s use the blog today to apologize anonymously.  Perhaps you simply could have become more involved and less judgmental.  Perhaps you could have let that silly violation go unnoticed.  Whatever it is……apologize.  You’ll feel better.

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