The Florida Legislature is in session, and there have been some community association bills filed, but nothing to write home about.  CCFJ and I have been working together to hopefully get legislation passed this year that will help communities.  For example:



  1. I drafted a proposed bill that does away with directors getting certified by simply signing a ridiculous self-serving affidavit that they read the documents.  I have been to annual meetings where I have watched the manager give the new directors these forms to sign before they ever read word one.  From now on, you would be required to attend an approved class like the over 21,000 people I have had the privilege of teaching.  These classes are free and on-line.  There is NO EXCUSE for a director not to take a class and learn a little about condominium or HOA law.



  1. I drafted a bill that would allow condo Owners to put one sign in their window supporting a political candidate that can be put up 30 days before the election and must be removed 3 days after the election.  For HOA’s – the owner would be allowed to put one sign in their window and one sign on their lawn.  Why should people who don’t live in community associations be the only ones allowed to show support for their political candidates?


  1. There is a provision in the Florida Statutes that allows each condominium unit owner to display a religious symbol on their door, of a specific size.  Believe it or not, owners in a co-op or HOA have no similar right.  They can be prevented from displaying even a small religious symbol of their choice if the governing documents say so.  So, I drafted a bill giving HOA owners and condo owners the same rights as members in a condo.


Next week we will discuss a few other bills that CCFJ and I would like to see.  We are hoping that Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez will simply amend her current bill to add on our wishes.  Fingers crossed.  Feel free to let her know how you feel about the above.

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