Upon completion of a phase one or phase two milestone inspection and receipt of the inspector-prepared summary of the inspection report from the architect or engineer who performed the inspection, the association must distribute a copy of the inspector-prepared summary of the inspection report to each unit owner, regardless of the findings or recommendations in the report, by United States mail or personal delivery and by electronic transmission to unit owners who previously consented to receive notice by electronic transmission; must post a copy of the inspector-prepared summary in a conspicuous place on the condominium property; and must publish the full report and inspector-prepared summary on the association’s website, if the association is required to have a website.


Notwithstanding when the certificate of occupancy was issued or the height of the building, the developer must provide a milestone inspection report in compliance with s. 553.899 included in the official records, under seal of an architect or engineer authorized to practice in this state, and attesting to required maintenance, condition, useful life, and replacement costs of the following applicable condominium property common elements comprising a turnover inspection report:

  1. Roof.
  2. Structure, including load-bearing walls and primary structural members and primary structural systems as those terms are defined in s. 627.706. 
  3. Fireproofing and fire protection systems.
  4. Elevators.
  5. Heating and cooling systems.
  6. Plumbing.
  7. Electrical systems.
  8. Swimming pool or spa and equipment.
  9. Seawalls.
  10. Pavement and parking areas.
  11. Drainage systems.
  12. Painting.
  13. Irrigation systems.
  14. Waterproofing
  15. A copy of the association’s most recent structural integrity reserve study.


So let’s say the developer is ignoring all of these new safety laws.  Does the DBPR have any power to do anything about it?

(1) The division may enforce and ensure compliance with this chapter and rules relating to the development, construction, sale, lease, ownership, operation, and management of residential condominium units and complaints related to the procedural completion of milestone inspections under s. 553.899.

However, Once The Developer Has Turned Over…

(2) However, after turnover has occurred, the division has jurisdiction to investigate  complaints related only to financial issues, elections, and the maintenance of and unit owner access to association records under s. 718.111(12), and the procedural completion of structural integrity reserve studies under s. 718.112(2)(g).

So………..if your Board ignores these new safety laws and you want to do something about it…’s off to court.

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