The weekly blog has been dealing with a lot of tough issues lately.  Whether or not birthdays of Lee and Davis should be state holidays, crime by board members, election fraud, crime by community association managers, etc.  Today, let’s step back and have some fun instead.  From now until November, 2016 we are going to be bombarded by the press with the 2016 election for President of the United States.  Why should only those candidates get all the attention? Today, we want to know about your President.  What is he or she like?  Does your President like to hear themselves talk like Trump?  Hide e-mails like Hilary?  A hard nosed prosecutor like Governor Christie?  Thinks only the rich should pay assessments like Sanders?  Or, is your President a little more on the quiet side perhaps like our former Governor Jeb Bush?

We want to know.  Be specific.

What characteristics make up a good President of a community association?  You’re your President possess them? Which of the candidates would be best and worst to serve as President of your community association?

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