So, tomorrow is a pretty big day in this country. It’s Trump v. Biden. The control of The Senate and The House of Representatives is at stake as well. The direction of the country may dramatically change. Or, it may stay the course. Some will be happy about the outcome and the other half won’t. Thank g-d however that the non stop commercials from the candidates will finally come to an end.

Whoever wins tomorrow, I hope that it is with finality and court battles don’t ensue like in 2000. It will only continue to divide us and drag the process on.

Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, at the end of the day, you are still neighbors. As we all know, life is more enjoyable if you get along with your neighbors, regardless of their political affiliations or whether they are conservative or liberal. I cannot believe how many people I know that no longer speak to each other because they support one candidate or another. I’ve seen it in my family. I’ve seen it with friends and fellow attorneys. I’ve certainly seen it on Facebook.

Is this really what we have become? If we have different political ideas, we can’t be friends? We can’t be family? We can’t be neighbors?

Let’s not fall into that trap. Let’s have respect for each other’s position. Let’s talk about politics calmly, rationally, and agree to disagree. Maybe it’s even better not to talk politics at all. But no matter what happens tomorrow, life goes on. We will still have work and bills to pay on Wednesday. We will still have the same responsibilities. And no matter what, let’s make sure that we still remain family, friends and neighbors. Let’s show our children and grand-children that while we may have differences we MUST learn to live with each other and treat each other with dignity and respect. It is a responsibility of all of us and makes all of our communities a better place to live.

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