Sorry, but I’m just not interested this week about blogging about condos or HOAs.  Not with the devastation I see on my TV.  Not with the destruction I see to the city I grew up in.  This week, we have larger, national issues to focus on.

It simply bothers me when people post that our country is broken. No it’s not. It is and always was the greatest, most exceptional, most accomplished and compassionate country in the history of civilization. The cop that sat on Mr. Floyd’s neck was broken. The thugs who use Mr. Floyd’s death as an excuse to break into stores, burn down our cities, loot, and kill cops and innocent civilians are broken. The politicians who allow this behavior and have condoned lawlessness for generations and believe that there should no longer be bail are broken. My United States of America is not broken. We are still the hardest working, diverse, educated and innovative people ever assembled in one great country and we remain a country where anyone from any race, color, religion or background can accomplish anything they set their sights on.

Our public schools should start teaching that in 1776 a bunch of farmers and merchants who desired freedom, beat the world’s greatest military and that’s how our country was formed.

Our public schools should start teaching that if not for The United States, only 75 years ago, the entire world would have fell to the Nazis and how this country saved the entire world from pure evil.

Our public schools should teach about how the United States prevailed against the spread of communism throughout the world, became the first nation to put a man on the moon, invented the airplane, telephone, automobile, electricity, cures for diseases and is the model country for human rights afforded to its residents.  Maybe if the criminal looters knew this, they wouldn’t have defaced the Lincoln Memorial or World War 2 Memorial.

They don’t learn about the greatness of America any longer.    On the contrary, it’s a 24/7 all out blitz by the media about how terrible this country is.  It is relentless and it is a large reason for what you are now seeing in our streets.  So…..maybe we need to spend more time at home telling our kids and grandkids about the wonderful virtues of this country and how our parents, grand parents and great grandparents escaped from countries who were corrupt and without hope, and arrived here with dreams of being part of a great civilization…..and that their dreams in fact came true.

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