It’s been a pleasure meeting so many of you this past week, teaching the Condo Craze Board Certification Course at the PM-EXPO event in West Palm Beach and then at the Holiday Inn at Universal Studios.  Even though we were unsuccessful this legislative session in accomplishing further H.O.A. reform, it was incredibly heart warming to hear “thank you for trying” from so many of you.  It is truly an honor and a pleasure to teach all of you at our seminars, write to you each Monday in our blog, and take your calls on the radio each Sunday.

So, after a stellar 2013 legislative session, 2014 will be a bust.  Rest assured however that we will try again next year to accomplish our objectives.

H.O.A. reform is not the only item on the agenda.  We want to hear more from each of you as to what other changes to the law you would like to see.  I’ll start if off.  I certainly would like to see the loophole removed that allows directors to become certified by simply signing a self serving affidavit that basically says they read their governing documents, but doesn’t even require them to acknowledge that the statutes even exist.  If you want to serve as a director, a three hour course should be required and you shouldn’t be able to weasel out of it by signing a dumb form.

Now it’s your turn.  What’s on your wish list?

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