As a result of higher taxes, out of control homelessness and crime, the news continues to report that people living in Northeastern states are moving out in droves and the beneficiary is Florida.  Our population continues to explode.  Who would ever have thought that the population of Florida would exceed the population of New York?  Yet, Florida has surpassed the population of New York and there appears to be no end in sight.

We have the world’s greatest ports.  We are the cruise ship capital of the world.  We are the produce capital of the world.  We have the world’s greatest theme parks.  We have the best weather and a plethora of professional sports teams.  We even have casino gambling.  On top of all this, there is no state income tax, cheap real estate taxes compared to the northeast and very few toll roads.

The question is……… if our population continues to expand at such astounding rates, will it be possible to always maintain this quality of life?  I’m now living in South Florida thirty (30) years.  The traffic was a fraction of what it is today.  The peace, quiet and tranquility of our community today is a fraction of what it was thirty years ago.  And…it’s getting worse.

The news loves to show us neighborhood after neighborhood that floods after a few inches of rain, like Miami Beach.  Well, when you remove pervious grass areas and replace them with buildings on virtually every square inch of property, what can you expect to happen? When the number of cars in the area keeps multiplying but there is no means of reliable public transportation, how are our roads supposed to handle the increase?  Road rage incidents are also on the news every night.

The question is this……..there seems to be no limitations, no breaks on the number of condominiums and communities being built.  Every 100 units built brings just about another 200 cars to the area.  1,000 units brings 2,000 cars.  Is this what you want?  Is this what you moved to Florida for?  Do you miss Florida the way it was ……or do you like what it has become and where it is headed?

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