Over the years, our firm and I’m sure many other law firms that represent community associations have been fired or simply not hired for telling it like it is and giving answers or instructions to Boards that they simply may not want to hear.  Even with all of the education now available, it still amazes me that I am sometimes told things like “But I’m the President, I can do whatever I want” or “But the Board makes the laws around here not the owners.”  There are still people out there who just don’t get it.

I think it’s pretty dangerous for the Board’s attorney to simply be a YES man to the Board, standing by and approving Board action no matter what, dam the consequences.           But to all you Board members out there……………….. what kind of attorney do you want?  Do you want an attorney who will back the Board 100% of the time or an attorney whose job he or she believes is to keep you out of trouble?

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