Last week’s Labor Day blog was devoted to those officers and directors who truly give their heart and soul to the communities they serve.  In my 25 years of practicing law I have been privileged to represent many such a devoted person.  But then there’s the flip side….

What do I mean by the flip side?  I mean dead wood.  Someone taking up space.  Someone who simply wants their name on the letterhead of the association but basically wants no part in helping anyone do anything.  The ones who never have an idea of their own, criticize those that do have ideas and often go along with the majority simply to get along.

The ones that no matter how bad the place looks will always say that the place looks great.  There’s never a need to fix anything, there’s never a need to modernize, and the monthly assessment should be the same amount as it was in 1964.

You know, the ones who wouldn’t want to spend a dime on an exterminator even if the place was overrun by locusts.  The same ones who think putting out water buckets is a better alternative than repairing the roof.  The ones that would call a sinkhole a small pothole that you can easily drive around. The ones that would call a hole in the roof a beautiful view of the sky.  The ones that think paying insurance is for suckers.  The ones that think a landscaper is a waste of money and that everyone should just grab a lawnmower and a pair of scissors each weekend.  The ones that think professional management is a waste of money and that keeping track of who is paying the assessments by paper and pencil is simply the more accurate way.  The ones who think the less the owners know, the better.  The ones who think security isn’t necessary despite residents being afraid to walk out of their homes.  The ones who think cable TV and the internet are a waste of money and we should pick up a book instead.  The ones who think the swimming pool doesn’t need to be fixed because winter is eventually coming to South Florida.  You know, the ones who don’t want to spend a dime on anything.

Do any of you know any of these directors?

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