You look around the world and see that bombs are falling in neighborhoods throughout the Middle East, violent demonstrations are happening in European countries and tornadoes and floods seems to be destroying towns across the United States.  Those are difficult problems to live with day in and day out.

So here we are in Florida.  Many of you reading this column live in a beautiful home or condominium.  Many of you wake up to views on the ocean or a lake.  The sun always seems to be shining.  There’s no threat of your house being leveled by an explosive today.  There won’t be any violent demonstrations in your town either.  So…..this begs the question……should we stop the complaining and be thankful for what we got?

Week after week, not only here, but in blogs, newspaper columns and TV shows across the country there are endless debates about just how bad it is to live in a community association.  Words like “concentration camps” often work their way into descriptions of these communities.  But…..when you look around at what’s going on all over the planet, are things really that bad in your Florida condominium or homeowner’s association?  Do we complain too much and need to be more content with what we have?

Remember that feeling when you first moved into your condo or HOA?  Admit it.  Most of you thought you just bought your very own piece of heaven.  You were so proud.  Doesn’t anybody still have that feeling about their home, their community, their neighbors?

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