Lots of associations have the right to screen and reject proposed renters of homes and units in their communities.  I previously blogged about a new Dade and Broward ordinance that forces associations to act quick when purchasers or renters file an application with the association.  The association has 15 days to tell the applicant that the application needs to be corrected or completed.  Then, the association has 45 days to either reject or approve the applicant and provide written notice of same, including the reasons for the rejection.


Now, there is a new Florida Statute that all associations in the State of Florida need to know because it provides service members the right to a quick decision from the board when they want to rent a unit in the community.  Florida Statute 83.683 provides:


(2) If a condominium association, as defined in chapter 718, a cooperative association, as defined in chapter 719, or a homeowners’ association, as defined in chapter 720, requires a prospective tenant of a condominium unit, cooperative unit, or parcel within the association’s control to complete a rental application before residing in a rental unit or parcel, the association must complete processing of a rental application submitted by a prospective tenant who is a servicemember, as defined in s. 250.01, within 7 days after submission and must, within that 7-day period, notify the servicemember in writing of an application approval or denial and, if denied, the reason for denial. Absent a timely denial of the rental application, the association must allow the unit or parcel owner to lease the rental unit or parcel to the servicemember and the landlord must lease the rental unit or parcel to the servicemember if all other terms of the application and lease are complied with.

Florida Statute 250.01 states:

(19) ”Servicemember” means any person serving as a member of the United States Armed Forces on active duty or state active duty and all members of the Florida National Guard and United States Reserve Forces.

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