Today is March 15th, otherwise known as “the ides of March.” This was the day The Romans considered as a deadline for settling debts. But most of us relate this phrase to William Shakespeare. In his play Julius Caesar, a soothsayer attracts Caesar’s attention and tells him: “Beware the ides of March.” And as we know, on this date in the year 44 BC Julius Caesar was killed. March 15 may not be unlucky for you but it was for Julius Caeser.

Well, supposed we used March 15th as a wake up call for preparing against potential danger. For example, you don’t wait to make repairs to the roof during hurricane season, you do it now, before hurricane season starts.

It’s also probably a good time to review the association’s insurance policy with its agent to learn what the hurricane deductible is, so that if one strikes, you know how much money you will need immediately to begin making repairs.

I hate contracts that automatically renew unless you cancel by a certain time. Use today to review all association contracts, checking for the automatic renewal date, so that you have the opportunity to cancel if you wish, instead of being locked in for another few years.

If you have already noticed that portions of the concrete building have been raining down on the parking lot, don’t ignore it any longer and use today as the day to hire an engineer to check what needs to be done to the building before somebody gets hurt.

If your governing documents work against you and not for you, use today as the day to decide once and for all that we must make revisions to the declaration or bylaws.

Let’s turn what we have always thought of as a “bad day” into a good day by making a plan to get things done. If Julius Caesar had woken up early and done the same, Brutus would never have stood a chance

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