For those of you who are intelligent and decided to come to a Board Certification class in the last few months and learn all about the new safety and reserve laws, I applaud you. It was my honor meeting you and teaching you all over the state.

I love that look in your eyes and the groan that comes over the crowd when I tell you that you do not need to be here today. You did not have to get certified by taking what I believe is both a board certification and a life safety class. The Florida Legislature still allows Board members to get certified by signing a ridiculous form that says you have read your governing documents and you promise to enforce them.

Are the new safety and reserve laws found in your governing documents? Of course not. You have to be taught them to know what you are now required to do in order that another Champlain Towers disaster never happens again. You don’t learn these laws by staying home in your pajamas, printing a form off the computer and signing it. When the members of your Board can get certified by signing that self-serving form, lives are at risk.

It’s ironic that they placed language in the new laws requiring the directors to follow them or face breach of fiduciary duty charges. So…..according to The Florida Legislature, you must apply these new laws in your condominium, you just don’t have to learn them and know what is actually required of you.

Every legislator I have ever spoken to about a mandatory educational course in order to get Board certified is in favor of it. Yet, it remains a mystery why in the past it has been removed from the statute. The classes are free and are even accessible via ZOOM. This year, there are several condominium bills floating around at the moment. Not a single one has any mention of mandatory education for Board members.

Back to the title “Does The Florida Legislature Want You To Remain Dumb?” How else would you explain it?

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