Last week’s blog spoke yet again about the rise in condo and HOA crime.  It’s escalating and people are tired of it.  The number of responses to the blog and “hits”were overwhelming.  In fact,


JanisLentz said:


Help is on the way! The proposed FL House and Senate versions of HOA Reform 2015 bills… will grant authority to DBPR (finally) to prosecute those who violate the financial provisions of HOA statutes in FL.



It turns out that Janis is wrong.


As we know, when HOA members are the victim of wrongdoing in their community, they don’t have the DBPR to turn to for help. Condo members have that ability.  HOA members are forced to pay for a lawyer.  As a result, CCFJ and I  have worked hard drafting corrective legislation which finally brings needed relief to HOA members for the grand total of $2.00 per year per home.  As promised, Senator Hays filed the bill.  As promised,  Representative Mike La Rosa filed a companion bill in Florida’s House.


Here’s the problem: Halsey Bashears, a member of Florida’s House from Moniticello, Florida, and representing the 7th District, which includes Calhoun, Gulf, Lafayette, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, and Wakulla Counties  (all of which probably contain a handful of HOAs) is saying he does not have the time to hear the bill in the Business and Professional Regulation Committee for which he Chairs and sets the agenda.  That’s right — the bill cannot even get a hearing because he’s the Chairman and he alone sets the agenda. Mr. Bashear’s resume clearly shows he has experience in agriculture and farming – but apparently no experience in housing, condo or H.O.A. matters.  Yet, he is the one blocking help for all of you.



So…..if you’re upset about it.  Contact him.  Here is his phone number: 850-717-5007. Tell him you are calling as a resident of a HOA and you respectfully request that he schedule House Bill 1263 by Representative LaRosa for a fair hearing in the Business and Professional Regulation Committee. In the meantime, I will try to get him on this show so he can tell all of you why he has not scheduled HB 1263 for a hearing.

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