This is definitely not the same Florida that it was even when I moved here in 1989. And it really isn’t the same Florida that that I remember as a kid coming down to visit my sister in the 70s. The amount of building of homes and businesses since then is like no other place in the country —–by far.

But, is this what we really wanted? Is this what we came here for? For those of you that were born here, is that what you stayed here for?

You watch the tragedy of a building collapse. And you read that the building was rushed through when it was built. Who knows how many others were? You also wonder about whether the land can safely support so many hi-rise condominiums next to one another because the experts continue to investigate that matter. This is not New York where the foundation in Manhattan is bedrock. Dig down a few feet here and you’ve hit water.

On the news we see cars floating in underground condominium parking lots and we marvel at it, but perhaps don’t associate the danger it brings and the questions it raises. Why are those cars floating? Is it perhaps that we have built buildings on nearly every available square inch and there is simply nowhere for the rain water to go?

Remember driving down A1A and marveling at the ocean view? Those days are gone forever. The views replaced by new condos, one after the other. Remember when there was no traffic getting to your own home?

Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of progress. But what is the definition of progress? Have we progressed or at least in some way, have we destroyed a way of life that we will no longer be able to get back? Did municipality after municipality have to yield to developers and a larger tax base, or could they have kept their towns a little simpler?

I would love to hear from some people that have been here a while and of course from some people that may have just gotten here. My guess is that the results are going to be mixed, but let’s see.

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