House Bill 1203 and SB 7046 merged to eventually create a huge bill for the protection of homeowners in HOAs.  It starts by placing lots of responsibilities on community association managers.

A community association manager or community association management firm that is authorized by contract to provide community association management services to a homeowners’ association must do all of the following:

(a) Attend in person at least one member meeting or board meeting of the homeowners’ association annually.

(b) Provide to the members of the homeowners’ association the name and contact information for each community association manager or representative of a community association management firm assigned to the homeowners’ association, the manager’s or representative’s hours of availability, and a summary of the duties for which the manager or representative is responsible. The homeowners’ association must also post this information on the association’s website or application required under s.720.303(4)(b). The community association manager or community association management firm must update the homeowners’ association and its members within 14 business days after any change to such information.

(c) Provide to any member upon request a copy of the contract between the community association manager or community association management firm and the homeowners’ association and include such contract with association’s governing documents.

So what do you think so far of the new protections for members of an HOA?




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Post by Eric Glazer


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  1. the more I am reading about these ” great improvements” the more I am getting frustrated. Not a single measure which actually protects homeowners from abuses, instead of that useless blabla . These measures cannot be even called a fig leaf; with a fig leaf like that you would be arrested for indecent exposure.
    To the point of this management stuff : BOD choses the manager and whether or not to hire a manager. The owners have no saying in that, nor in contract clauses. Even an abusive board will provide a copy of contract because they know that otherwise there will be a document request.

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