As we know all too well now, it’s an election year.  The commercials and the propaganda have already started and no doubt it will get more and more annoying as November gets closer.  To get elected, candidates will be making promises by the boat load.  Indeed, on yesterday’s Condo Craze and HOAs show, Randy Johnson, a Republican who is running for Florida’s House of Representatives in District 55, has promised to help the millions of community association members in our state pass much needed legislation to help speed up the foreclosure crisis, make banks more financially responsible, and create some uniformity between how HOAs and condominium associations are regulated.  To accomplish this, Mr. Johnson will probably have to buck the trend of his own party, who have been reluctant to take on the banks or expand the powers of the DBPR to regulate homeowner associations.


Those of you who are familiar with The Community Association Member Party are well aware of the six legislative proposals the organization would like to see get implemented by The Florida Legislature.  No doubt there are more changes to the statutes that need to be made in order to better protect members in community associations and that would bring about more harmony in your communities.


As election time nears, now is the time to make demands and get legislators to voice their support on the record.  Tell our blog writers what changes you would like to see to condo and HOA law and we will make every effort to pass on your concerns to the powers that be.  Help me help you!   Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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