If you live in an HOA and have been a reader of this blog, you know that you have been reading about the devastating times that thousands of condominiums and millions of condominium owners are going through as the state now requires mandatory inspections, mandatory repairs and mandatory reserves in our condominiums. On the other hand, you have not been reading the same about homeowner associations throughout Florida.

So I have to ask those of you who chose the HOA way of life over the condo way of life. Do you feel like winners? Do you feel that you obviously made the right choice by choosing to live in an HOA over a condo? After all, HOA are not required under Florida law to have any of the inspections, repairs and mandatory reserves that condos are now required to have in Florida. So, as between the two, are Florida HOA owners the winners?

I really can’t wait to read the comments on this one. I get the feeling that not everyone living in a Florida HOA is going to agree with that sentiment.

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