Every week, Jan, Rafael and myself blog about the issues that affect all of you that live in community associations throughout our great state.  Read in a vacuum, one would think that you would have to be nuts to want to live in one of these community associations where boards of directors have more control over your own home than you do.  Where management companies who want to keep their jobs at these communities risk getting fired if they don’t heed the demands of the board, even if those demands are unreasonable or even downright mean spirited.

            Of course the overwhelming topic the past two years has been the exposure of our crumbling condominium buildings as they begin to age and the fact that most associations have little to no money in the bank to make these repairs.  So, huge assessments are on the way, whether you can afford it or not.

            These seem to be the topics that dominate our blogs and even the Condo Craze and HOAs YouTube show. Believe me, it is not easy writing 50 blogs per year, doing about 40 shows and trying to keep the material fresh and interesting.  That’s where you come in.

            What are the topics that you believe should dominate the condominium and HOA landscape?  What are the issues that we may be missing or that simply deserve more coverage?

            How about this? Are there any of you that think condos and HOAs simply get a bad wrap?  There has to be thousands or millions of people who wake up every morning in their perfectly manicured community and believe they have purchased their own little piece of paradise.

            How about those of you who think board members get a bad wrap and thank god that these good people do the work for the community that 99% of the members would never want to touch. Maybe you even believe that board members should get paid for the work they do.

            We want to hear from you.  Surprise us.  Tell us the issues we should be covering or that you may have a particular interest in.  We will do our very best, as we have done for about 15 years now, to write about the issues that stir the pot in our communities.  Thanks for being loyal readers and viewers.



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