It’s President’s Day today.  Time to honor Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln and all the other Presidents.  Let’s not forget Smith, Cohen, Jones, Martinez and Miller.


I know the last few names on the list weren’t Presidents of The United States.  I haven’t totally lost my mind….yet.  But surely, these last names represent Presidents who have served on Boards of Directors of community associations throughout the State of Florida since condos and HOAs came into existence.


Just like our Founding Fathers, these Presidents too had to wrestle control of their communities away from tyrants who tried to force their dominion and control over their communities long after they weren’t wanted anymore.  We know them as “developers.”


These Presidents too tried to maintain order in a community searching for reasonable taxation i.e. “assessments” and the opportunity to address their grievances. See: “3 minute rule” at Board meetings.


Just like current and former Presidents rely on the IRS to force the people to pay their fair share, the association Presidents rely on the association attorney to do the same thing.  And in terms of having to face the music, instead of only one “State of the Union” address, don’t condo and HOA Presidents have to face their communities at meetings several times a year or more?  They even have to ride in the same elevator with their sometimes unhappy constituents, all without secret service protection.


I’ll bet no Clinton or Bush was ever harassed about their administration’s policies while shopping at Publix or mowing their own grass.  But I know Smith, Cohen, Jones, Martinez and Miller have.


To top it off, the U.S. President gets free, housing, food,  transportation and a $400,000.00 annual salary.  Association Presidents have to pay for the abuse they get.  And talk about better living conditions……….The White House Pool doesn’t close at 8:00 p.m. and no U.S. President ever had to worry about not having enough quarters to do a wash or had to purchase those annoying laundry tokens.


The courts of this state have already ruled that condominium owners comprise a little democratic sub society.  So I ask you.  On this President’s Day.  While of course we should be honoring the leaders of our country,  should we not also be saying thanks to the Presidents of our association Boards for at least having the courage to give it a try?



Any by the way…… for those that question their President’s willingness to do what’s right and comply with the law, let me say congratulations and thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of Presidents and Board members who took time out from their schedules to attend our last two Certification Courses in Hollywood and in Orlando. It was an honor meeting you.  To see some of the Presidents who care to learn the law, click here:

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