Memorial Day is one of those holidays that makes you stop and think.  It’s not just about bar b ques and baseball games and fun-filled festivities.  It has more meaning than New Year’s Day and perhaps even July 4th.  Today is the day we honor every person who ever fought for and gave their life for this country and made life as we know it today possible.  It’s actually monumental in nature.

I can say that my generation is the first generation in the history of man-kind that never had to worry about going to war.  Think about that.  Since I’m born, I never once worried about being drafted and being sent off to some far away land to potentially give my life fighting for this country.  I can only say that because of the brave men and women who fought previously and who continue to serve in the nation’s greatest military and who made and make the United States of America the ultimate force to be reckoned with.  There is no thank you big enough for my generation to give.  There’s nothing we can say.

The other night I attended a crazy condo meeting.  Absolutely nuts.  Screaming and yelling everywhere.  Hundreds of people crammed into a small room.  Chaos.  In rode a very old man in a wheelchair wearing a baseball cap that said how proud he was to have served in World War II.  He simply, but desperately wanted a question answered.  I dropped whatever I was doing because come hell or high water, I was going to answer his question, even though it was a little difficult for him to speak.  His question was intelligent and spot on.  He then started to speak to me about the new condo legislation and how it’s a good thing the government was doing something about crime in our condominiums.  He repeated portions of the new legislation verbatim.  I was blown away.  He must have been in his 90s and here he was attending his condo meeting, caring for his community and educating himself on the new condo laws.  Still caring, still educated, still wanting to make a difference in his community.  My simple one minute conversation with him was more important than anything else I did that evening believe me.

I don’t know his name, but no doubt that man is part of the greatest generation that ever lived in this country, and if you have other men or women like him in your community, give them a few minutes of your time if they want to speak to you.  Trust me, we can all only learn from that conversation.  You may also want to give them a thank you.

Dedicated to the men and women who have fought for this great country.

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