I’ve been to some crazy board meetings over the years.  And one I attended Thursday night ranks right up there with the loudest, craziest and meanest of all time.  And this happened even though two police officers attended the meeting.  It is frightening to think what would or could have happened had they not been there.


There are times when passion and outrage in the community hits a boiling point.  I get it.  But……. Absolutely nothing gets accomplished in a room when the yelling and screaming at the Board members can’t be heard over the other people also yelling and screaming at the Board members, who are being out screamed by the group sticking up for the Board members.


So, when it became apparent that not even the police could maintain decorum at the meeting, and the Board members were literally screaming at the top of their lungs to answer questions and cooperate, I suggested that someone make a motion to adjourn the meeting.  One was made, all voted in favor and everyone went home.


So……. What could have been a productive meeting, turned into somewhat of a waste of time.  I honestly felt terrible for these Board members who were getting berated beyond belief.  I really thought that I wouldn’t blame them for a minute if they simply threw in the towel and walked away.

Being a board member is simply a thankless job.  Period.  Even if a Board finds a way to cut everyone’s monthly assessments by 50%, someone at the next Board meeting will say that if they were on the Board, they would have cut it by 75%.  It is very difficult for Board members to win.

So……. While unit owners are allowed to speak at meetings, they are not allowed to completely take over meetings, be disruptive, curse, yell scream and otherwise cause chaos.  If the meeting cannot be controlled, you’re not paid enough to sit there and be abused.  Record the meeting on video, make a motion to adjourn, and then go home, turn off the phone, put on some music and tune everyone out………. Until the next meeting of course.

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