It’s hard writing a blog for over 50 weeks a year for the past decade. For me, the situation in Israel had made it impossible. Suddenly, squabbling over guests or pets or decorations or colors really sounds silly and a waste of time. Doesn’t it? I really don’t feel like writing about it this week.

It’s hard to learn how to live together in peace. Not just on a small scale like in our own home or in our condos and HOAs but on a large scale like when countries have their own disputes.

I guess all you can hope for is that each day, when you wake up, the day starts and ends peacefully. That you return to your bed with at least the same health you began the day with. That your kids and your loved ones come home safe at the end of the day. Does anything else really matter?

So……..let’s take a week off from the usual condo and HOA stuff and perhaps take a moment to reset our priorities. I’m sure all the other stuff will still be there in another week.

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