For all eternity, the first week of the new year brings talk of resolutions for the coming year.  We resolve to eat right, exercise, lose weight, spend less, save more and the list goes on and on.  We even write these resolutions down.


You’re certainly welcome to tell me your New Year’s resolutions today.  However, here is my list of resolutions I wish I could actually impose:


  1. Resolve to timely prepare your financial reports this year.
  2. Resolve to prepare the budget timely and accurately and waive reserves timely.
  3. Resolve to respond quicker to requests for access to records by your unit owners.
  4. Resolve to treat all non paying owners equally and even handedly.
  5. Resolve to finally fix all of the common elements that are leaking or may be a danger to our owners.
  6. Resolve to have that contract reviewed by your attorney BEFORE you actually sign it.
  7. Resolve to be respectful to each other at your board meetings.
  8. Resolve to finally tackle the job of making those amendments to the governing documents that you put off last year, and the year before.
  9. Resolve to also treat all of the association’s personnel with dignity and respect.
  10. Resolve to become better board members and owners by educating yourselves in the law and by attending our seminars.


Unlike resolving to lose weight……these are actually capable of being accomplished. So once again, Happy New Year!  Now, sober up, dust yourself off, take a deep breath and let’s get busy.

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