Presidents and Vice Presidents of condos and HOAs stop your complaining.  The abuse and harassment you take is nothing compared to what’s going on in the real world of politics.  For example:

  1. When is the last time someone went through the trouble of creating a fake bloodied severed head of yours?
  2. When is the last time a late night talk show host said vile and nasty sexual comments about you on national TV?
  3. When is the last time Robert Di Niro said he wanted to punch you in the face?
  4. When is the last time a group of college students who think they know everything walked out of a commencement speech you were giving?
  5. When is the last time people marched in protest against you wearing hats depicting female genitilia?
  6. When is the last time you got booed walking in to see a Broadway show?
  7. When is the last time Jay Z sang songs on stage in support of your opponent that used every guttural word in the dictionary.
  8. When is the last time you beat someone fair and square in an election, but your opponent blamed other people and even other countries?
  9. When is the last time you announced that you were running for office and the media laughed as hard as they could at you?


Come on……at best you have a complainer or two who swears you spent too much money on pool furniture and that the handyman that works for the condo once helped you carry your groceries from your car to your apartment.  That’s nothing.


But here’s the thing……….you still won.  You’re still President.  The crazier the accusations, the louder the screaming, the more outrageous the charges…….the greater likelihood of your re-election.  When the sick, insane, embarrassing  and outrageous conduct of the complainers far exceeds what they’re complaining about, their credibility is lost, and people tend to look at the complainers as sore losers, conspiracy theorists and quite frankly nut jobs.   It often results in a huge swell in people supporting the incumbent.  So if you can take the abuse…..hang in there……..and get ready for another term.

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