There was lots of news last week about Lebron James coming back home to Cleveland.  Well….Lebron isn’t the only person coming back home.  It’s happening in alarming numbers.  College graduates, graduate school graduates and even some with professional licenses and degrees are returning home to their parents in record numbers.  They are quickly learning that there aren’t enough jobs out there, their student loans are now due and life is simply very expensive.  So…..for the time being….they’re coming back home too.

What does this mean for our Florida community associations?  In 55 and over communities, the association is allowed to prevent children from living in the community.  However, once you turn 18, you are no longer considered a child.  So…not even 55 and over communities can prevent families from reuniting.

The housing crisis has also caused many extended families to live together.  Brothers, sisters and cousins are living together as well.  As the population of our country ages, lots of kids are now living with Grandma and Grandpa because long term care or nursing homes are unaffordable as well.

Other than perhaps not having enough parking spaces, it’s difficult to see how this trend negatively effects community associations, unless the youngsters start having late night loud parties with loud music.  It’s true that this might indicate that perhaps for the first time in our nation’s history, children are not expected to do as well as their parents.  But in terms of association life, it may be interesting to simultaneously have mah jong games, senior citizen clubs  and tot lots for the nursery school kids to play.

Have any of you seen the trend or been part of the trend in coming home?  Mind sharing some stories?  What does it say about the direction our country is heading?

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