I often choose a topic for the blog that corresponds to an upcoming holiday or a specific time of year.  For example, we normally write about your right to fly the flag on or about July 4th of each year.  The next holiday is only 4 days away, and it’s Halloween.  The problem is… can you write a condominium and HOA blog about Halloween?  Where’s the connection?

Just as I was about to throw in the towel, it dawned on me.  Throughout the year, this blog hears from readers all around the state, complaining about the creepy scary creature that live and work in their communities.  Despite all of the costume stores I frequented however, I haven’t seen one costume of a Condo or HOA President, Manager, Difficult Neighbor or even a condo or HOA attorney.  Not one.  One could argue that if they were really scary, costumes would be selling like crazy around Halloween time.

Tell me why I’m wrong.  I would love to see a poll of our readers, answering the question:  Who is the scariest person in your community association?  Here are the choices….


  1. The Board President or other Board member;
  2. The community association manager;
  3. The community association attorney;
  4. The uninvolved owner who won’t come to a meeting but complains about everything.
  5. The non paying unit owner.


So this week, here is the rule.  You must indicate the most scariest to the least scariest person in your community and why you chose the most scariest person.  Let’s see which of these five choices haunts you the most.  I’m looking forward to the results.  Whatever they are,  (even if attorneys come out with the most votes) I wish all of you a fun Trick or Treat.

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