No matter who you plan on voting for in a few weeks, we can probably all agree that this has been the nastiest campaign that most of us have ever witnessed.  The mud slinging won’t stop until the last ballot is counted and we’re certainly none the wiser for it.  It makes you think though what each would say about the other were they both fighting for the Presidency of your condominium or H.O.A.

No doubt that Romney would say that Obama:

wants everyone making $200,000.00 or more to pay the monthly assessments for everyone else;

will immediately apologize to all your neighboring associations for winning each and every shuffleboard tournament over the last 40 years;

wants to force the healthy residents to make chicken soup for the residents that need medical attention;

may not have even been born in Florida;

has already told the hard working custodian of the condominium property that “he didn’t build” that tiki bar by the swimming pool.

In response, President Obama would fire back by saying that Romney:

Inherited his unit from his millionaire daddy who would occasionally pay his assessments late;

Wants to decrease the condo’s budget by sending the manager to work for another condominium in India;

Wants to drill for oil right in the middle of the swimming pool;

Is a war monger who has threatened to bomb the 55 and over retirement community next door because their golf balls are landing in our community;

Is the bank’s best friend and in fact has sworn to turn the clubhouse into a Wells Fargo branch.

I’m afraid to ask.  But……………………..Who would you want for the President of your condominium?  Obama or Romney?

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