Some of you have asked where I have been this week after not being reachable by phone, e-mail or even on the Condo Craze Radio Show.  Well, I had an epiphany this week.  I write this blog having gotten home from the hospital just a few hours ago.  Last Sunday evening I was on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina.  I was woken in my sleep from stabbing pains in my back and my side.  I woke up my brother-in-law at 2:00 in the morning and begged him to drive me to a hospital – any hospital. At that point, even a vet would have been sufficient.  Anything or anyone who could stop the pain.

It turned out to be a 4mm kidney stone. The doctors said that most stones pass by themselves over a day or two and to just hang in there.  I was only able to “hang in there” with morphine and Delaudid every few hours.  Instead of driving home with the family, I flew back.

As luck would have it, I was in the 10% or less of those who were unable to have their kidney stone pass naturally by itself.  So, on Wednesday I had surgery and got home from the hospital Saturday night.  It was a week from hell.  Most of the time it felt as if someone was stabbing me with a screwdriver and then twisting it and turning it while it was inside my body.

So, back to my epiphany.

On my show, in my blog, in my seminars, and in my office I hear complaints all the time about how bad things are in my condo, HOA or co-op.  But….my epiphany is…things can always be worse.  For example:

Let’s say that you live in an association where you just got hit with the 4th special assessment in three years?  It could be worse…… you can be trying to pass a kidney stone. Or,

Let’s say that you live in an association where the Board or manager stole a few million?  It could be worse… can need surgery because you can’t pass the kidney stone. Or,

Let’s say that you just had a lien filed against you even though you actually have a credit on your account?  It could be worse… can be trying to recover from kidney stone surgery.  Or,

Let’s say that you had a fire and your most prized possessions went up in smoke?  It could be worse….you could be living with a stent, after surgery and still trying to recover from kidney stone surgery.

So…..forget all the condo, HOA and co-op troubles, even for a day or two. Trust me on this one….. as the saying goes……if you have your health, you have everything.

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