I write this blog the day after I did my last seminar of the season.  Starting from about September to now, I’ve taught all over the state in so many wonderful cities and venues.  At all of these seminars there’s always talk about apathy in our communities.  Nobody cares.  Nobody shows up to meetings.  Nobody volunteers.

Here is what I have generally learned in practicing for a quarter of a century now.  If nobody is showing up to your board of director meetings, consider it a vote of confidence.  Don’t be insulted by it.  Take the opposite approach and treat it as a compliment to you.  Trust me, if you were doing a terrible job and the people whose community you govern were unhappy, they would show up, perhaps with bull horns, and let you know.  By not showing up, they’re generally OK with the way things are going,

There is a belief out there that nobody cares.  That’s not true.  You care.  You’re reading this blog right now, so I know you care.  About 15,000 of you have attended my seminar, so I know you care.  I get countless e-mails asking me legal questions because you want to make sure your community is run right, so I know you care.  The calls keep coming in on the Condo Craze and HOAs radio show week after week for nine years now, so I know you care.

Stop being insulted because it’s difficult to get volunteers to run for the board.  The truth is……not everyone is cut out to lead their community.  Some people don’t want to be leaders.  They just want to live in their condo or HOA and be left alone.  And that is their right.  It doesn’t mean they don’t care about their community and it doesn’t mean they’re lazy or otherwise bad people.  Deep down, it really means that they’re thankful someone else is dealing with the problems and not them.

So, stop saying nobody cares.  After completing another amazing season and meeting thousands of you across Florida I’m here to tell you, lots of people like yourself care.

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