It’s true what they say……as you get older the years seem to go by quicker.  This week, we stop and we take a moment to breathe.  We are not blogging about any specific condo or HOA topic because the three bloggers need to do something much more important.  And that is to thank each of you for continuing to read and participate in our blog in larger and larger numbers each and every year.  It is an honor to know that you aren’t only reading our blog, but care enough to respond with your comments and get your personal thoughts out there – and always respectfully, always with class.

I also thank all of you who worked with Glazer and Associates this year or those who simply thought highly enough of our firm to get a quick question answered by e-mail.

I remain humbled at the popularity of the Condo Craze and HOAs radio show on Sundays and can’t believe that I have now been on the air for 6 years.  Please know that every time I see the switchboard light up with a phone call, I am flattered by the call and it’s as exciting for me as the very first phone call I ever received on the air.

The real treat for me throughout the year however is teaching our Board Certification seminars throughout the state.  It is thrilling for me to meet all of you and for me to learn from all of you.  I sincerely look forward to seeing so many of you over the next few months as we tour the state continuing to certify so many of you.

So from me, my family, and everyone at our law firm, THANK YOU for all that you do for us.  May each of you have the very happiest and healthiest of a holiday season and a wonderful new year.

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